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Do you feel guilty leaving your pet?  Like Family Pet sitting goes above and beyond to uplift your pets spirits when you can’t be there. They will be spoiled just like family members.  Hints the name “Like Family Pet Sitting”. My goal is to have your pets living a happier and healthier life with every visit.  With updates, photos, and GPS check-in you’ll get the peace of mind, the feeling of relief that your pets are being well taken care of. With in-home pet sitting, your pets will feel much happier and experience much less stress at home in a safe, familiar environment. I offer a customized routine and checklist for each pet.  Some of my services include dog walking, potty breaks, Pet sitting, Yard play, Cat sitting and much more  Like Family Pet sitting is locally owned and operated, serving Gainesville, FL, and surrounding areas.  Bonded, insured, First Aid certified, APSE member (Association of Pet Sitting Excellence) and will always continue to study on how to better serve you.

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Dog Walker

Have you noticed how excited your dog gets when they get to go on a walk? It not only makes them happy, but it also has many more benefits too. We want our dogs to be healthy, agile and limber. Dog walking provides all of the above.  You may of heard the saying “A tired dog is a good dog“. It’s true, with daily dog walking you furry friend will get the stimulation and exercise they need. When you get home from work they will be ready to cuddle, kiss and relaxLearn more

dog with leather leash waiting to go walkies

Walking Benefits

  • Tired dog!
  • Better health/weight loss
  • Improved behavior
  • Better leash control 
  • Socialization
  • Fun for the dogs!
  • Personal attention
  • Less barking
  • You won’t feel guilty! 

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Cat Sitter

With every cat sit, they will get my undivided attention and love. Includes: scooping and cleaning the litter box, Cleaned out bowls with fresh food and water. Rest easy knowing I will follow all your personal instructions, so your Cat feels well taken care of when you can’t be there.  I will be looking out for the cats needs by focusing on any change in behavior to signal if he/her is hungry, thirsty, playful or sick. Cats can be more independent than dogs, but it’s a good idea for the most independent cat should still be checked in on. Learn More